Love the Outdoors
Love the Outdoors
Weekly Fishing Report
Hunting seasons are opening up, schools have started back up, and the weather is cooling. All these factors mean fewer anglers on the water.
Outdoor Tent Sale
Manufacturer Samples & Closeouts up to 40% Off Reg. KTP Prices!
Fall Fishing Opportunities – Black Crappie and Northern Pike
Join us at KTP for a free fishing seminar on fall fishing with pro guide Tim Moore!
American Red Cross Blood Drives at KTP
KTP will be hosting blood drives at the store on Feb 9, Apr 27, Jul 13, Sept 14 and Nov 9, 2019.
Multi State Pistol Permit Seminar 2019
The Multi State Pistol Permit Seminar covers the basics of firearm safety, Utah laws and regulations regarding the carrying of firearms, and application processes.