• Weekly Fishing Report 6/7/21

    Striper fishing seems to be on almost everyone’s mind these days. Maybe it’s the hot weather, or maybe it’s the fact that there are lots of bigger fish around. We are hearing reports of fish up to 51-inches along the New England coast.

  • Weekly Fishing Report 6/14/21

    Everyone wants to hear about stripers and bass fishing. Well, there is plenty of both happening right now. For many anglers, this is the best time of the year. You can literally take your pick of freshwater or saltwater.

  • Weekly Fishing Report 5/31/21

    The weather just can’t make up its mind. It felt like summer, then it didn’t. The weekend weather was enough to keep many indoors, but not all. We had a surprising number of reports of good fishing.

  • Weekly Fishing Report 5/24/21

    And then it was summer, or at least feels like it. Warm weather has brought many to the water in search of bass, trout, stripers, and flounder. We are receiving regular reports of good trout fishing and even better bass fishing, and striper reports are increasing by the day across the entire New England coast.

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