• Weekly Fishing Report 2/15/21

    Ice conditions have improved with the recent cold temperatures and there are lots of anglers taking advantage of having more places to fish.

  • Weekly Fishing Report 2/22/21

    Improving ice conditions and a high number of anglers on the ice is resulting in some great reporting. It seems like all species are hungry and cooperative for the most part.

  • Weekly Fishing Report 2/8/21

    We’ve gained some ice and had a little snow in the past week. Both things can lull anglers into a false sense of security with ice conditions. We advise being extra careful, as ice formation has been spotty and inconsistent.

  • Weekly Fishing Report 3/1/21

    It seems like Old Man Winter can’t decide whether to release his grip or not. Warm weather has some anglers concerned, but good ice conditions have others feeling more relaxed.

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