Swix PS6 Blue Glide Wax - 60g


Swix PS6 Blue Glide Wax - 60g

Swix's® PS6 Blue Glide Wax is very versatile! Its area of use stretches from base - for powder to racing wax - and base prep wax for cold skis. PS6 has a good durability and offers great performance on natural and artificial snow. The Swix PS Series are great gliders for training and competition with good glide properties.

The speed of the iron should be approximately 8-10 seconds on a skating or alpine ski. The wax can be re-heated after cooling to room temperature (10 minutes) for better durability. PS6 can be used as race wax alone or as a base for top coats. An undisputed favorite in cold conditions!

  • Performance Speed 6 Blue
  • Versatile wax for snowboards, alpine and cross country skis
  • Temperature range: -6°C to -12°C (21°F to 10°F)
  • Recommended iron temp: 145°C (293°F)
  • Fluoro-Free
  • Size: 60g
  • Replaces CH6X
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The Swix® mission is to provide all Alpine, Snowboard and Nordic enthusiasts with the winning margin. It endeavors to do this by providing the most comprehensive and exacting product lines, expertise, communication and service.

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Swix PS6 Blue Glide Wax - 60g

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