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Become a Registered Maine Guide! 2024

Looking to become a more knowledgeable outdoorsman/woman or do you want to pass the state's test to become a Registered Maine Guide? Kittery Trading Post will host this 3-day course presented by Maine Upland Guide School. Whether you're looking to become a hunting, fishing or recreational guide, they’ve got you covered…they’ll be with you until the patch is in your hands! Everything is provided, including a free Silva compass!

Fri, Sat & Sun, March, 22, 23 & 24, 2024
(Arrive early for complimentary coffee & donuts)
Kittery Trading Post
Katahdin Seminar Room
Cost: $495


The course focuses on navigation, hunting and trapping, recreation and fishing, and how to run a guide business. You will study wildlife and plant ID, Maine law, boating safety, client care, map and compass competency, interview techniques and more. This 3-day class will be packed with great information that will help you walk into your test with confidence!  

The state will test you in three parts: written, map and compass, and oral interview. You will be presented with a tough emergency or "catastrophic" scenario. You will be expected to identify two points on the map and take a bearing. You will take a 100-question written test per authority. The MAINE UPLAND GUIDE SERVICE instructors will help get you ready!  Upon class completion, you will feel confident that you can face this challenging testing process! There is an 87% pass rate among their students!


Your instructors for this class will be David Tyrol and Michael Tuminaro. Dave and Mike are not just instructors, they're also full-time guides who spend many days in the field with clients. They're here to make your class fun, comfortable and informative through PowerPoint, videos, and hands-on practice. They will answer any questions you might have during the class or after to ensure that you're ready for the test.


For more info, feel free to call the Maine Upland Guide Service at 207-629-8297
Check them out on the news at:

Registered Maine Guide Info

Registered Maine Guides are outdoor professionals who are licensed and permitted to accept any form of remuneration for their services in accompanying or assisting any person in the fields, forests or on the waters or ice within the jurisdiction of the State while hunting, fishing, trapping, boating, snowmobiling, using and all-terrain vehicle or camping at a primitive camping area.

Licensing for Registered Maine Guides first began 1897. During that first year, 1700 individuals became licensed, primarily in the hunting and fishing disciplines. Over the years, canoe trips gained popularity as well.

For many years, a Maine Guide was not required to submit to any standardized testing. Interested parties simply had to pass muster with the local game warden. If the game warden considered them qualified and fit to guide in the outdoors, they were licensed as a Registered Maine Guide. In 1975, a standardized test and procedure was established for licensing.

There are currently approximately 6,300 licensed guides in Maine.

For more info on Registered Maine Guide Certification, visit the MAINE INLAND FISHERIES & WILDLIFE website