Venas Fizz House Maine Margarita Spirit Nipper Infusion


Vena's Fizz House Maine Margarita Spirit Nipper Infusion

Vena's Fizz House™ Maine Margarita Spirit Nipper Infusion Kit is a delicious, creative recipe using all natural freeze-dried fruits, herbs, and natural sweeteners in a Mason Jar. Ready to drink by simply adding your favorite spirit! A unique Bar In A Jar!

  • 4 oz. jar makes 2 drinks or 2 shots
  • Suggested spirits: Tequila or Gin
  • Gluten-Free
  • Made in Maine

Ingredients: Blueberry, apple, lemon, lime powder, blend of organic cane sugar, cane syrup and honey

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Vena's Fizz House™ is a cocktail/mocktail bar and mixology shop located in Portland, Maine. Founded by Steve and Johanna Corman, the business began in 2013 specializing in old fashioned, all natural fizz sodas, and 'mocktails'. The business name is a nod to Johanna's great-grandmother, Irvina, or 'Vena' for short.

Vena's Spirit Sippers & Nippers come in a Mason Jar filled with fruits, herbs & spices - where your favorite spirit is added to create a 'bar in a jar'. Perfect for picnics, camping, happy hour, or any occasion that calls for a special cocktail! All products are made with clean, all-natural ingredients and locally sourced when available. So, sit back and be prepared to taste a drink from an era gone by. A time when one 'sat a spell' and 'sipped a drink' that was crafted to be enjoyed!

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Vena's Fizz House Maine Margarita Spirit Nipper Infusion

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