Cortland C-16 Hollow Superbraid Saltwater Fishing Line - 1200 Yards zoom


Cortland C-16 Hollow Superbraid Saltwater Fishing Line - 1200 Yards

$199.99 - $379.99

Braided with a hollow core for fast and reliable splicing, this line's 16-carrier construction results in incredible resistance to nicks and abrasions. FiberTech™ penetrates the weave and bonds with the individual Spectra® fibers to stiffen and improve the handling characteristics of the line.

  • Tight, round weave and uniform pick count (wraps per inch) for exceptionally smooth surface 
  • Packs tightly on spool with no flattening or digging in
  • 16-carrier construction 
  • Fine diameter minimizes line drag when trolling or fighting fish
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Made in USA
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Time has been kind to the landscape outside the Cortland, NY factory. Little has changed since they started making fly lines there in 1915. The rolling hills and crystal-clear trout streams are still pretty much as they were when Cortland® Line Company founder Ray Smith defined his mission to produce the world's finest fly lines. At the time, natural silk was the material of choice for quality lines. Ray developed new processes to make his lines last longer and perform better. They still use this approach, but they long ago replaced the silk with PVC, nylon, silicone, and a host of other modern materials to make today's Cortland Fly lines.

Another thing that hasn't changed is the passion they put into their products. Ray Smith was a fisherman who wanted a better line and went about finding a way to make one. At Cortland Line, they're fisherman too. It's not unusual to see a Cortland employee walk down to the river during his lunch hour for "just a couple casts."

You see, they live to fish. And because they fish they know that the difference between success and failure on the water can depend on your line. Like you, they want to fish with the best lines available. So they build every Cortland Line as if they were going to use it themselves.
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200 lb. Chartreuse 1200 yards $379.99