Great Lake Finesse Juvy Crawfish Lure - 7 Pk.

Crafted with a proprietary formula that prevents tearing and gives a matte finish, the Great Lakes Finesse Juvy Craw replicates the appearance and behavior of a young crawfish, making it irresistible to predatory fish. 

Its compact tube head design, intended to be used with the Great Lakes Finesse Mini Pro Tube Head, seamlessly incorporates the hook shank for a natural presentation. Whether used on the fall or dragged along the bottom, the floating claws and tentacles of the Juvy Craw will attract strikes with every movement, making it a must-have for enticing big bass.

  • Package of 7
  • Durable soft bait construction
  • Appearance and behavior of juvenile crawfish
  • Compact tube head design 
  • Floating claws and tentacles entice strikes 
  • Tailored for Great Lakes Finesse Mini Pro Tube Head
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Designed by a group of hyper-competitive tournament anglers, Great Lakes Finesse® makes products built for high pressured fish that shy away from traditional baits. The folks at Great Lakes focus on finesse fishing baits and products to help you catch the most stubborn fish in the lake.
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