Nories Flip Dom 3 Lure - 6 Pk. zoom in


Nories Flip Dom 3" Lure - 6 Pk.

Flip Dom is a fall bait that can bring bass to bite even in tough conditions. The unique shape, reminiscent of a crustacean, is designed in pursuit of a balance that maintains a horizontal fall posture with no sinker and produces spontaneous action while swinging from side to side during the fall. In addition, the design allows you to firmly hold the hook point, greatly improving snag-free performance. It's a soft bait that can be sent by skipping even to the depths of the bushes and covers.

The front that smoothly guards the hook crank part, and the hook point hold design on the side provide a high weedless effect. For heavy cover, set it in the center position, and when using it mainly for fall, set it on the side for more hooking efficiency.

  • Package of 6
  • Finely and randomly created irregularities on body surface imitates real shellfish
  • Shape provides weedless effect
  • Strong water bite of entire body improves fish appeal
  • Easily operated, even with MH class power rods
  • Wide gap offset hook 4/0 or 5/0 recommended
  • Suggested use: Bass
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Created by Norio Tanabe, Nories™ by Spro® fishing lures focus on pure fishing, not trends or cycles. Hours were spent on the water, checking minute details with rigorous testing. Nories isn't just excellent tackle that will catch fish, but tackle with the ability to help anglers improve.
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