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Wildgame Innovations
Wildgame Innovations® is a family owned and operated company. Officially founded in early 2002, its grassroots go back into the mid-90s when the quality deer management movement began.

Being avid deer and wild game hunters, they began managing their own 1,100 acre deer lease in Northern Louisiana. After field testing nearly every nutritional supplement and attractant available on the market, they felt as if they weren't having any luck. The deer numbers were not increasing and deer they saw were not getting any bigger or better. They began testing everything they can get their hands on that was supposed to attract, grow, and hold large numbers of deer. Their family, friends, and others achieved great success with these Wildgame Innovations test products. They now felt they had a special product that could be marketed and shared with fellow hunters.

Wildgame Innovations has become one of the fastest growing companies in their segment of the hunting industry. Whether you are looking to simply attract deer, or actually start your own management program, Wildgame Innovations' products will meet both, you and your deer's needs.
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