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Fieldsheer® is a technology company. Thier Mobile Warming line is a technology platform, the only heated apparel company in the U.S. A market that owns a full supply chain, from hardware R&D, battery design, to cut-and-sew, and app development. This means Fieldsheer and and the Mobile Warming line have the ability to bring higher quality products to market faster than the competition, ensuring they continue to lead the pack of integrated digital apparel.

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Hunting clothing plays a crucial role in the success and safety of hunters. Designed specifically for the demands of hunting, this specialized attire offers a range of features to enhance performance and protect against the elements. Kittery Trading Post carries hunting clothing from Sitka Gear, Browning, Gamehide, and more. Durability is a key characteristic of hunting clothing, as it must withstand rugged terrain, thorny bushes, and potential encounters with wildlife. Many garments are made from tough, tear-resistant fabrics that can withstand the rigors of the hunt. Camo patterns are another essential aspect of hunting clothing. They help hunters blend into their surroundings, providing them with an element of stealth and increasing their chances of getting closer to their target undetected. Camouflage technology has evolved significantly, with patterns designed to mimic various natural environments Moreover, hunting clothing incorporates moisture-wicking and breathable materials to keep hunters dry and comfortable during long hours of activity. Insulated layers and base layers are vital for cold weather hunts, ensuring warmth without sacrificing mobility. Be sure your hunting clothing combines durability, camouflage, comfort, and functionality to optimize the hunting experience and increase the chances of success in the field.