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Fenwick's® fascinating history dates back to the Pacific Northwest in the late 40’s where men returning from the war had only one thing on their minds: to get back to the sport of fishing they so loved. Washington state would become the spawning ground where names like Don Green, Clarence Shoff, Lamiglas and Fenwick would write the first chapters of the history of the modern fishing rod.

Today, Fenwick's tradition of technology continues to meet the specialized needs of avid anglers. Contemporary fishermen are no longer generalists. They're specialists - bass fisherman, walleye fisherman, fly fisherman, saltwater fisherman - avid anglers who identify themselves by a specific technique or species. In response, Fenwick's tradition of technology continues to drive its designers, engineers and pro staffers to develop sophisticated fishing rods specifically designed for specialized applications. In the words of one of Fenwick's founders it's why Fenwick rods have been known, for over half a century, as one of the most thought-out fishing rods in the world.
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