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Who is Crescent Moon® Snowshoes? Start with an epiphany for a better snowshoe, scribbled on a bar napkin in 1997. Build a prototype out of parts and materials you salvage from the abandoned Volkswagen in your neighbors' backyard. Test it by giving it to your friends on Vail's ski patrol and mountain rescue teams to use for a few months. Then set up production in your converted garage and voila, the seed is planted!

For the next two decades concentrate on the pursuit of perfection while competing with some of the biggest companies in the outdoor industry, and building a brand that stands for quality and innovation and you have a pretty good idea of what Crescent Moon is all about. All that on a (snow) shoe string - based in Boulder, Colorado! Crescent Moon's mission is to make the World's Best Snowshoes and provide their friends, and new friends - customers - with a World Class Outdoor Winter Experience, no matter where you live!

$69.99 - $74.99
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