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At the turn of the 20th century, the German Imperial Army began looking for a multi-purpose oil that could be used to clean and maintain the metallic parts of a rifle while also protecting its wooden stock and a soldier's leather gear. To develop this oil, the Army contracted with Friedrich Klever and his son Dr. Helmut Klever, a professor of chemistry at the Technical University of Karlsruhe.

In 1904, Dr. Helmut Klever succeeded in producing the special compound, which he named Ballistol® (from the words Ballistic and Oleum, the Latin word for oil). It soon became obvious that this new Ballistic Oil had truly amazing capabilities, and in 1905 the Imperial Army tested and adopted Ballistol. By then word had spread, and within a decade, hunters, boaters, hikers and outdoorsmen in Germany, Austria and Switzerland had converted to using this new miracle oil.

The folks at Ballistol care about our planet, and they're committed to producing an environmentally-friendly product. With Ballistol, you can lubricate, penetrate, clean, protect and preserve your equipment without contaminating the environment. It's biodegradable, and neither its use nor its disposal will pollute our air or water.  Its natural decomposition will not produce by-products that are harmful to the environment. The aerosol propellant is a propane / butane blend that does not contain CFCs.  In addition, Ballistol is non-carcinogenic and skin safe.

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