Gatco Ultimate Diamond Hone Sharpening System


Gatco Ultimate Diamond Hone Sharpening System

The person who demands the highest performance in a sharpening instrument demands diamonds. Diamonds, among the hardest cutting media known, can cut quickly and easily through the hardest steel. These properties provide a sharpening instrument that will outperform any other type of abrasive media.

This system offers the addition of a 96% alumina ceramic hone that provides a surgical finish to blade edges.

  • Gatco® exclusive six-angle knife clamp / angle guide
  • Course monocrystalline diamond hone
  • Medium monocrystalline diamond hone
  • Fine monocrystalline diamond hone
  • Special serrated knife sharpening hone
  • 96% alumina ceramic finishing hone
  • Scientifically formulated honing oil
  • Custom carry case with instructions permanently affixed to lid
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Gatco® has been a leading name in sharpening knives and more for over two decades. Every sharpening device is build from quality materials and backed with a tradition of premium customer service.

Only Gatco sharpening systems feature the exclusive knife clamp/angle guide system that can produce a professional sharp edge to any blade, every time.
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Gatco Ultimate Diamond Hone Sharpening System

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