Halladay’s Harvest Barn Tiramasu Cheesecake Mix


Halladay’s Harvest Barn Tiramasu Cheesecake Mix

Just add these mixes to cream cheese and whipped cream or whipped topping, pour into prepared pie shell and chill for an elegant 5 minute dessert. Serve in a chocolate pie crust to bring out the complex flavors of rich chocolate and coffee.
  • Easy to make
  • All natural
  • .5 oz.
  • Made in Vermont
  • Gluten free
  • Back of the label contains recipes and cooking hints
Ingredients: pure cane sugar, confectioner's sugar, natural flavorings
Allergens: soy, dairy
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Halladay's® sits on a hill in Vermont overlooking the beautiful Connecticut River Valley. Open since 1895 on a terrace of beautiful Victorian homes, Halladay's has evolved into a thriving specialty herb producer, greenhouse, and gift shop.

Halladay's Harvest Barn produces, on site, the famous line of Harvest Barn specialty foods and dried arrangements. Products include unusual blends such as garlic chipolte, chardonnay and tomato basil herb mixes, no bake cheesecakes including tiramisu and key lime, and delicious infused garlic oils and vinegars.
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Halladay’s Harvest Barn Tiramasu Cheesecake Mix

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