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Founded in 1987, Maine-ly Buoys® is a leading manufacturer and importer of decorative and functional nautical accents. Their selection includes lamps, door stops, ornaments, banks, candle holders, picture frames, chests and other distinctive nautical specialties. Although buoys have been long used by lobster fishermen in lobster fishing areas along the entire East Coast, the wooden buoys used by the Maine coast lobstermen have a unique and storied past.

The buoys of yesteryear were simple pieces of wood, usually cedar, but anything would do. Primarily, northern Maine cedar was used because of its durability for use in the salt water and the fact that Maine cedar was easily obtained. Also, there was little demand for this wood around the turn of the century. As time passed, fishermen became more fanciful and began to shape their buoys so they would torpedo into the tide. These pieces of wood were most often carved and shaped to the whims of the individual lobsterman. Names and initials were also carved into the buoy when some started to look alike.

Today, wooden lobster buoys are used sparingly due to the damage they cause to boats' props and because the use of modern materials, such as plastic, is increasingly commonplace. The wooden buoy is truly a rarity, but they are still carved by Maine-ly Buoys using an ancient jig built around 1920.
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