Swix Nordic Schuppen Spray - 5 oz. zoom in


Swix Nordic Schuppen Spray - 5 oz.

Swix's® Nordic Schuppen Anti-icing Spray improves ski performance and reduces icing for waxless skis! Like waxable skis, waxless skis require maintenance. Waxless ski bases can dry out, causing the base to oxidize and absorb dirt. Dirty oxidized skis care slower and harder to turn, creating more work for the skier. Apply Easy Glide on the total length of the ski base, including the grip section, and get more glide with less effort - a one minute job!

  • Makes glide sections perform better and avoid icing in grip section
  • Covers all temperature ranges
  • Bottle with applicator for easy application
  • Fluoro-Free
  • Aerosol
  • Size: 150ml (5 fl. oz.)
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