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Tubbs Women's Frontier Trail Walking Snowshoe

$179.95 $134.96

A truly classic snowshoe in every sense! The Women's Frontier has been a staple of the Tubbs® Trail Walking category for years, and things are only getting better. The streamlined 180™ EZ binding makes entry and exit a breeze with a single buckle tightening mechanism, while Control Wings™ and a heel strap provide efficient, lightweight support.

The minimalist design of the Frontier delivers efficient performance on packed trails thanks to the aluminum Fit-Step™ 2.0 frame and SoftTec™ decking. Tubbs recreational series of carbon steel toe and heel crampons feature front and rear braking teeth for secure uphill, downhill, and sidehill grip on packed snow conditions. Whether you're a budding snowshoer or just looking to take on less intense trails and hikes, the Frontier has everything you need for your next winter excursion!

  • Fit-Step frame provides biomechanical benefits, reducing musculoskeletal impact on hip, knee and ankle joints
  • Rotating Toe Cord Articulation System enables tail of snowshoe to drop, shedding snow off the tail
  • SoftTec decking provides durable, lightweight flotation and has a smooth, soft texture
  • Color: Red

* Recommended weight includes weight of gear

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Tubbs® was originally founded by Walter Tubbs in Norway, Maine, in 1906 as a manufacturer of ash snowshoes, skis, sleds, and furniture. In the 1940s the company moved to Vermont and was manufacturing close to 100,000 pairs of wooden snowshoes per year, many of which were used by Allied troops in World War II.

By the 1980s, snowshoe recreation seemed to be in a slump and Tubbs was manufacturing only about 1,200 pairs of wooden snowshoes per year. In 1989, however, after introducing the metal snowshoe, sales increased to about 5,000 pairs that year.  Change came slowly but growth has been consistent, thanks in part, to companies like Tubbs who helped increase the awareness and enjoyment of the sport. From the half million US snowshoe enthusiasts in the mid-90s, the sport is now enjoyed by as many as 5 million people, according to some estimates.

Innovation such as ArcTec Plus® decking material, 3D Fit binding platform, and their patented Control Wings® has helped Tubbs virtually dominate the snowshoe market.

For your next backcountry, racing, fitness, or recreational snowshoe adventure, Tubbs has the snowshoe for mom, dad, and even junior.
Description Recommended weight Size / Weight Recommended use Price Qty

X20010030121W - 21"

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80 - 150 lbs. (user & gear) Women's Trail Walking $179.95 $134.96

X20010030125W - 25"

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120 - 200 lbs. (user & gear) Women's Trail Walking $179.95 $134.96

X20010030130W - 30"

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170 - 250 lbs. (user & gear) Women's Trail Walking $179.95 $134.96