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Introducing the TRAPAWAY Wall Rack by TRAPSKI! This innovative garage organizer storage system revolutionizes organization for skis, snowboards, poles, helmets, and also household tools. Easily put equipment in and out with worrying about pinch points, damage, bending skis or warping your gear. Its space-saving design, easy installation, and durable construction make it a game-changer for optimizing space.

The TRAPAWAY adds a touch of personality to any garage, shed, basement or other storage space. Customize with the modular design to fit your gear perfectly. Keep your equipment safe and protected with TRAPAWAY, while simplifying your adventures with TRAPSKI's reliable and practical storage solutions.

  • Easy install with provided hardware and mounting template
  • No plastic or moving parts to break, bend or pinch skis
  • Each Aluminum TRAPAWAY can hold up to 30 lbs. in items
  • Quad Dimensions: 36" wide x 3" tall x 8" deep
  • Engineered and built to last in the U.S.A.
  • Color: Black
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TRAPSKI is a complete solution that allows for safe and organized carry/travel of ski/board equipment, and serves as a storage unit when not transporting - to be utilized for at-home storage in your garage or basement. TRAPSKI is the only install-free racking system on the market today, designed for the bed of a truck, inside an SUV, or automobile. TRAPSKI is a Veteran Owned company, who proudly makes their racks in the U.S.A.!

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