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Swix Nordic V40 Blue Extra Hardwax

The V-line of hardwaxes is the traditional line of hard kick-waxes, made for racing and recreational skiing. Although they do not have fluorine additives, their quality is very high due to fully refined petroleum waxes, synthetic rubbers, and pharmaceutical quality oils.

V40 Blue Extra is Swix's® most popular V-wax.
  • Very flexible and versatile wax covering a large temperature range on the cold side of freezing To be utilized close to 0ºC
  • Demands relatively new snow and low air humidity - below 45-50%
  • New fallen snow: -1ºC to -7ºC; 30ºF to 19ºF
  • Transformed fine grained snow: -3ºC to -10ºC; 27ºF to 14ºF
  • Size: 45g.
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The Swix® mission is to provide all Alpine, Snowboard and Nordic enthusiasts with the winning margin. It endeavors to do this by providing the most comprehensive and exacting product lines, expertise, communication and service.

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