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Bending Branches Children's Splash Kayak Paddle

For the youngsters out there who are new to kayak paddling, Bending Branches® brings you the Splash, a recreational kayak paddle for kids. With its durable aluminum shaft, your younger paddler will be able to easily grip and propel the kid-sized polypropylene blades.

The Splash will let them feel the thrill of paddling without exhausting themselves, making them more likely to want a return adventure and to grow their affection for all that is paddling. With the Splash, kids have a quality-built paddle all to themselves!

  • Children's recreational kayak paddle
  • Smaller ovalized shaft for easier, more comfortable grip
  • Adjustable for feathering angles 0° and 60° (L or R)
  • Snap-button ferrule
  • Blade surface area: 89 sq. in.
  • Blade color: Black
  • Hand-crafted in USA
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Bending Branches® is a small, privately held company in Northwestern Wisconsin made up of paddling enthusiasts who have been paddling since the company started in 1982 and are still doing so today. Because of this, Benching Branches builds better products. And since no one likes to be up the creek without a paddle, the company builds them fast and it builds them right.

The Bending Branches unique design, creative engineering, and proprietary processes create the ultimate performance paddles featuring strength, stiffness and light weight.
Description Blade material Weight Suggested use Price Qty

PSPLIIBKVAS180 - 180 cm

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Polypropylene 32 oz. Recreation $69.95

PSPLIIBKVAS200 - 200 cm

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Polypropylene 32 oz. Recreation $69.95