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Aqua-Bound Kids' Sharkie Kayak Paddle

Kids love Aqua-Bound's® Sharkie paddle! With a small diameter carbon shaft and lightweight symmetrical blades, this paddle is easy for children to hold and to learn basic paddle strokes with.

  • Two-piece construction for easy transport and storage
  • Fiberglass abX II blade on small diameter carbon shaft
  • Ferrule system which easily breaks down into two-piece paddle
  • Adjusts to 60° right hand control as well as 0° to help teach paddle feathering
  • Cool sharkie logo
  • Made in USA
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In 1991, Aqua-Bound® was born in Surrey, British Columbia manufacturing paddles for whitewater, touring and recreational kayaking and canoeing. Aqua-Bound quickly became the number one producer of plastic-bladed kayak paddles, as they were the first to introduce gas-assist molded paddle blades to the industry. This technology made durable paddles at lighter weights possible.

In 2008, Bending Branches® LLC purchased Aqua-Bound Technologies from Joe Matuska and his partners, and moved the company to Osceola, WI USA. Aqua-Bound paddles are still built there with the same passion for extraordinary quality and service!

Description Blade material Weight Suggested use Price  

KTP-ST2FW-200 - 200 cm

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Fiberglass 30 oz. Touring, Recreational $129.95

KTPST2FW-210 - 210 cm

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Fiberglass 30 oz. Touring, Recreational $129.95