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Sportspal S-12 Double-Ended Aluminum Canoe

Sportspal® Canoes are manufactured from ultra-light Aircraft-Grade Aluminum, which is stretch-formed, heat-treated, and hardened. They are lined with Ethafoam™ (closed cell polyethylene) so they won't sink, even if fully loaded with water! The two piece hull is joined at the keel, making Sportspal canoes very durable.

Unusual stability and safety make these fine canoes excellent for family recreation or premier sporting. The special lining makes these canoes very quiet. A duck hunters gun's recoil will not flip the Sportspal, and your dog can climb in and out for retrieving game. Being very light, it is easy to portage.

And, of course, since you virtually cannot sink a Sportspal, all that valuable gear that sportsmen carry have less chance of accidental loss. The Sportspal is designed to give year round use, adaptable to many sports activities. A wide beam and flat bottom, coupled with the side Ethafoam sponsons, makes Sportspal canoes one of the most stable and safest canoes available!

  • Double-ended
  • Hulls are stretch-formed and heat-treated for additional strength which eliminates need for side seams
  • T-keel provides superior tracking and added strength
  • 17 ribs are extruded and add structural strength to canoe
  • Hull lining provides buoyancy, deadens noises and insulates against cold water
  • Beam: 38" / 44"
  • Hull thickness: 0.032"
  • Maximum horsepower: 2
  • Max. capacity (people): 3
  • Suggested use: Sporting, family use
  • Made in the USA
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Sportspal Canoes originally started in Canada. Today they are a part of the Meyers® Boat Company, a boat manufacturer in Adrian, Michigan. Sportspal has been under its current ownership since 1991 when it was moved from Tecumseh, Michigan. The Meyers Boat Company is proud to offer affordable, American-made marine products that will stand the test of time!

Description Length Weight Capacity Price Qty

S12-BB - Birch Bark

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11' 7" 48 lbs. Up to 500 lbs. (user & gear) $1,406.00

S12-GRN - Green

More Info
11' 7" 48 lbs. Up to 500 lbs. (user & gear) $1,406.00

S12-OD - Olive Drab

More Info
11' 7" 48 lbs. Up to 500 lbs. (user & gear) $1,406.00

S12-RED - Red

More Info
11' 7" 48 lbs. Up to 500 lbs. (user & gear) $1,406.00