Essex Canoe Seat Hardware Spacer - 4 Pk. zoom in


Essex Canoe Seat Hardware Spacer - 4 Pk.

Includes spacers and hardware for one canoe seat.

Note: These are generic spacers and hardware that will work with any canoe seat.
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Essex® Industries is one of the largest manufacturers of quality ash and cane canoe seats and accessories. They have been supplying their products to canoe manufacturers and retailers for the past twenty-five years in the United States, Canada, and abroad.

As a vocational component of Mountain Lake Services, the Essex's facility includes an extensively-equipped woodworking shop, cutting and sewing machinery, and 15,000 square feet of production space in two plants, with additional storage space available. The highly trained staff and employees work with pride in othe woodshop, finishing, assembly, and warehousing areas.

Essex Industries - Manufacturer of fine canoe seats, accessories, backrests, yokes, and thwarts.
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