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AXIL GS Extreme 2.0 Bluetooth Hearing Protection Earbud

The GS Extreme 2.0 delivers 3 products in 1; it's like having Bluetooth® ear buds, noise isolation headphones and electronic earmuffs all in one product. Make this your new go-to!

  • Sound enhancement and hearing protection
  • 5.0 Bluetooth audio for studio quality audio and hands-free communication
  • Compresses loud sounds at 85 dB or louder
  • 6.5 premium dynamic speaker
  • 0 hz-40,000 hz sound spectrum
  • 19 dB SNR with silicone tips
  • 29 dB SNR with general foam tips
  • 29 dB SNR with max protect foam tips
  • Control sticks for Bluetooth and hearing and protection volume
  • Comfortable Sportfit ear hooks
  • Rechargeable lithium battery on lanyard
  • Up to 25 hours hearing enhancement and protection run time
  • Up to 120 hours standby time
  • Color: Black

Additional instructions:

  • Hold down main BT button to turn on and off
  • Plus button on Bluetooth: one press increases volume; long press skips song
  • Minus button on Bluetooth: one press decreases volume; long press skips song
  • Bluetooth button: one press pauses music and answers phone calls; two presses calls back the person who you last called; three presses hang up phone call; long press activates Siri for iPhone
  • Light is red when charging and turns blue when done
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AXIL® is a family business heritage, with over 60 years of design, manufacturing and retailing experience. They deliver top hearing enhancement, protection, and audio devices. From ultra comfortable fitting processes, to stereo quality sound performance, to reliable and durable engineering - AXIL continues to redefine the premium products in the market.
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