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Shooter's Choice Synthetic All-Weather High-Tech Gun Grease

Synthetic All-Weather High-Tech Gun Grease is engineered to meet the most demanding needs for firearm lubrication
and protection. It's great for nickel, stainless, and chrome moly and is also good for exercise equipment!

This gun grease helps prevent metal damage in actions, frame rails, shotgun hinges and hardware, and bolt-action lugs.
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Odorless
  • Clings to metal surfaces
  • Doesn't fly off full autos
  • Doesn't gum-up
  • Doesn't wash off with water
  • Doesn't melt when hot
  • Doesn't stiffen when cold
  • Temperature operating range: -65ºF to 350ºF
  • Suggested use: Firearms, Fishing tackle, Marine, Sports equipment, Compound bows, Auto, Industrial, Shop, Household
  • Made in USA
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Shooter's Choice® is one of the leading providers of gun care products in North America, and all over the world. Their 25-plus years of experience with hunters, law enforcement, military, and with the competitive professional and amateur shooters is unsurpassed. This family-owned business continues to have a singular focus, to provide you, their customer, with the finest quality gun care products.

Throughout the years they've introduced numerous ground breaking gun product innovations and enhancements. The newest products are environmentally-friendly and contain no ammonia or solvents, are non abrasive, and will not harm firearm finishes. They test, prepare, manufacture, package, and ship the Shooters Choice line of gun care products from their manufacturing plant in Middlefield, Ohio.

Shooter's Choice - they're the gun care professionals.
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