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MTM Shoulder Gard Rifle Rest

With the growing popularity of magnum caliber rifles, heavy recoil can be a real pain. Addressing this issue, MTM® introduces the Shoulder-Gard® Rifle Rest, a four-point, flex base shooting rest designed to help ease the shoulder punishment of sighting-in powerful magnum rifles. 

he Shoulder-Gard utilizes a unique integrated recoil-reduction sling, allowing shooters to relax in their natural shooting position, without so much concern about recoil.
  • Integrated recoil-reduction sling for energy absorption
  • Central storage compartment will also accommodate up to 50 lbs. of stabilizing weight
  • Non-marring, rubber shooting pads support nearly any shape stock or barrel
  • Precision-dialed forearm support offers 3" of vertical travel for pin-point accuracy
  • Storage compartment cover allows Shoulder-Gard to also function as a handgun rest
  • Gripping rubber feet for no-slide, four-point footing
  • Color: Red
  • Made in USA
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MTM® Case-Gard™ has been a family owned and operated business since 1968.

The company strives to be innovative in their approach to shooting sports. All MTM products were either designed by a family member, as the solution to a problem they ran into, or with input from a Case-Gard user. The results are innovative quality products that last! The folks at MTM Case-Gard know -  they use them.
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