Sierra SportsMaster 44 Cal. 240 Grain .4295 JHC Handgun Bullet (100) zoom in


Sierra SportsMaster 44 Cal. 240 Grain .4295" JHC Handgun Bullet (100)

Designed for the hunter requiring accuracy, penetration and dependable expansion from a 44 Remington Magnum revolver, Sierra® introduced this 240 grain Jacketed Hollow Cavity SportsMaster™ bullet in 1970.  It was upgraded with Sierra's PowerJacket in 1982.  

The dependable Jacketed Hollow Cavity and PowerJacket design makes this bullet extremely versatile. It's a true magnum bullet, featuring a heavy jacket and 1-1/2% antimony core, yet will expand reliably at 44 Special velocities.

This bullet may also be used in another old timer - the venerable 44-40 Winchester (44 WCF) cartridge in western-style single-action revolvers and rifles now popular for Cowboy Shooting. Because it has a flat nose and cannelure, it can be roll-crimped for use in revolvers and all rifles with tubular magazines.
  • Box of 100
  • PowerJacket for consistent weight retention and maximum energy
  • Flat base
  • Cannelure
  • Caliber: 44 cal.
  • Sectional density: 0.186
  • Bullet weight: 240 grains
Ballistic coefficients:
  • .185 @ 1300 fps and above
  • .172 between 1300 and 900 fps
  • .171 @ 900 fps and below
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For over 60 years, Sierra® Bullets has been dedicated to manufacturing of some of the most accurate bullets in the world.

Over the years, much has changed in the shooting sports industry and marketplace. One common thread running throughout this time however, has been Sierra's focus on bullets. Hunting and target bullets for rifles and handguns are the only products Sierra makes, and they work hard to make them better than anyone else.

Today, Sierra offers over 160 different rifle and handgun bullets to satisfy nearly any need. It's no wonder shooters around the world ask for Sierra.

Sierra - A Tradition of Precision
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0.4295" Hunting Jacketed Hollow Cavity $44.99