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Colt King Cobra Carry 357 Magnum 2" 6-Round Revolver

$999.99 $899.99

Colt's® King Cobra is reincarnated as a 6-shot, 357 Magnum big brother to the Colt Cobra Double Action revolver. This 2" barrel spurred hammer King Cobra Carry is the ideal CCW 357 Magnum revolver.

  • Heavy duty steel frame with brushed stainless finish
  • Hogue overmold grip
  • Brass bead front sight
  • Double action only
  • Length: 7"
  • Weight: 1 lb. 10 oz.
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More than 160 years ago, a Calcutta-bound, obscure young seaman, carved from a block of wood a model of what was destined to become the world's most famous revolver. His name was Samuel Colt, and from the spark of his inventive genius came the modern firearms of today.

One would search in vain through the pages of history to find a more romantic and glamorous figure than Samuel Colt. His was the mind of a genius, a planner, and a dreamer - all in one. His vision was not local, but worldwide. His ambition exceeded mere prosperity and power. Complete satisfaction could only be his when he had reached the pinnacle of his chosen field.

The Colt firearms company has always been an innovator and a pioneer — implementing mass production techniques, designing for parts interchangeability, always striving to improve production methods. Today, Colt's Manufacturing Company LLC operates just a few miles away from Samuel Colt's original Hartford, Connecticut armory and continues to maintain its position as one of the world's leading gun manufacturers by blending state-of-the-art technologies and modernized manufacturing methods. After all, Colt tradition dictates that the technology be the best available and that quality never be compromised.

Colt - The legend continues.
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2" 357 Magnum 6-round $999.99 $899.99