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Thompson/Center T-Handle Short Starter w/ Universal Loading Tips

The T-Handle Short Starter attaches to ramrod to extend the length for easier cleaning and use of ramrod attachments. By removing the seating end of the rod and screwing the T-handle onto a standard ramrod, it will form a range rod for easier cleaning and loading.
  • Rugged composite design with short starter
  • Palm saver and aluminum seating head
  • Universal loading tips included
  • 10-32 threads
  • Fit spire point, conical pellet, and hollow point muzzleloader bullets
  • Made in USA

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Thompson Center® manufactures an extensive line of firearms products including single-shot hunting pistols and rifles, a full line of muzzle loading rifles, and black powder accessories.  

Employing such innovative technology as IBS® (Interlock Bedding System), Weathershield®, and QLA® (Quick Load Accurizor), Thompson Center sets the standard for development and innovation in the hunting firearms industry. Its staff of hunters, engineers, and craftsmen gathers necessary design feedback from the field, the lab, and the factory, and then puts that knowledge to use by turning it into practical features that benefit hunters every day.  

Thompson Center products - built by New Englanders with pride.
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