Remington Nitro-Steel Duplex 12 GA 3 #2 & #6 Shotshell Ammo (25) zoom in

Remington Nitro-Steel Duplex 12 GA 3" #2 & #6 Shotshell Ammo (25)

Remington® Duplex™ shells are loaded with two different sizes of steel shot for ultimate performance at all ranges. Blended, high velocity magnum steel payload gives dense patterns with the smaller shot size close up, while the larger shot hits hard close and maintains energy at longer ranges.

  • Box of 25
  • Two shot sizes for deadly patterns at all ranges
  • Super tough, versatile four-petal shot cup protects barrels and performs across wide range of choke designs
  •  Maximum velocity for true magnum-blended steel payloads
  • High base, quality head and drab hull for less reflection
  • Shotshell length: 3"
  • Muzzle velocity: 1450 fps
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Founded in 1816, Remington Arms® designs, produces, and sells products for the hunting and shooting sports industry, as well as military, government, and law enforcement markets. One of their most popular innovations was the 1951 Model 870 "Wingmaster" shotgun, which grew to become the best-selling pump action shotgun in the world and is still in production today. 

The extensive and diverse Remington product line includes firearms, targets, ammunition, knives, and shooting and hunting accessories. 

Before your next shooting adventure, be sure to visit Remington Country.
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Hunting - waterfowl 12 gauge #2 & #6 $33.99