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Mission First Tactical Glock 43 Single Magazine Pouch

This is the perfect complement to a Mission First Tactical® holster, with its slim, low profile appearance and position. It's handcrafted, yet designed using the same laser and CAD precision to the firearms magazine. 

  • Single mag pouch for Glock® 43
  • Flared opening for smooth transition
  • Adjustable retention
  • Molded, trimmed, assembled and buffed by hand
  • Laser CAD design for perfect fit and smoother draw
  • One-inch accessory holes
  • Ambidextrous
  • 1.5" belt clip
  • Color: Black
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While civilian shooters benefit from receiving their leading edge, affordable products, Mission First Tactical™ (MFT) develops select rifle / carbine accessories specifically for military and law enforcement markets. Design of the accessories centers on the need for enhanced accuracy and functionality of the weapons systems, improving operator effectiveness.

MFT designs are created, tested and approved top operators under the harshest conditions. MFT's commitment recognizes the evolution of warfare and law enforcement missions by providing equally evolutionary products to assist in successfully completing the mission. Use of advanced material, smart design and technology are the core of their products. Proudly, MFT is manufactured using a specially developed military-grade reinforced, super tough polyamide, adding the advantage of weight reduction with increased strength and durability to their products. Both development and manufacturing are accomplished entirely in the USA.
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