Fort Scott Munitions 45 LC 225 Grain SCS TUI Handgun Ammo (20) zoom in

Fort Scott Munitions 45 LC 225 Grain SCS TUI Handgun Ammo (20)

Engineered to Tumble Upon Impact™ and create a dynamic wound cavity, the unique, patented design of Fort Scott Munitions™ 45 LC TUI™ pistol ammunition penetrates targets deeply. 

The pinpoint accuracy and terminal performance of the 45 LC TUI match grade ammo makes it eminently suitable for modern law enforcement and security work as well as for civilian home protection and self-defense. And, at the same time, trekking through bear or hog infested terrain has never been safer. The solid copper 45 LC TUI will punch straight through the hard, thick bony structures of a bear or hog and begin tumbling upon entry into soft tissue. 

  • Box of 20
  • Multi-patented, Tumble Upon Impact design
  • Incredible accuracy and terminal performance
  • Superior penetration
  • Non-lead, SCS® bullet
  • Caliber: 45 Long Colt
  • Average velocity: 869 fps
  • OAL: 0.795"
  • COAL: 1.57"
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Fort Scott Munitions™ is a manufacturer of lead-free rifle and pistol bullets designed to Tumble Upon Impact™ when entering soft tissue.
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Hunting, personal protection Solid Copper Spun 225 grains $33.99