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  • Weekly Fishing Report 5/3/21

    “Will the wind ever stop blowing?” is a question almost everyone is asking lately. Temperatures feel cooler than average to many anglers, but the reality is that this April was slightly above normal. Early ice-outs and loads of windy days still have many feeling behind.

  • Weekly Fishing Report 4/19/21

    Well, you were not seeing things. It snowed in mid-April. The recent cold snap brought wind, rain, and snow throughout New England. Many anglers hunkered down to wait out the storm, but a few braved the elements, and most were rewarded handsomely.

  • Weekly Fishing Report 4/26/21

    This week saw a massive uptick in trout fishing across New England as stocking trucks have been rolling throughout the region and trout seasons are open.

  • Weekly Fishing Report 4/12/21

    Lake trout, salmon, rainbow trout, and saltwater haddock fishing are on this week’s menu. With waters warming in many New England lakes, the fishing is heating up.