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  • Weekly Fishing Report 9/13/21

    Thanks to all who attended our annual Septemberfest event. It seems that hunting seasons are preoccupying the minds of many anglers, indicated by the thinner reports coming in. Those who are fishing are doing very well though.

  • Weekly Fishing Report 9/20/21

    It’s that time of year when reports get slim, as many anglers have turned to archery deer season. With their departure leaves more room for anglers who want to take advantage of some of the best fishing of the year.

  • Weekly Fishing Report 9/27/21

    There is some very good fishing happening right now. From stripers and bluefish in the salt, to bass, salmon, and trout in freshwater, there are no shortage of opportunities. While many are putting their boats away for the season, others can’t fathom the idea.

  • Weekly Fishing Report 10/4/21

    And just like that, our reports are coming to a close until ice fishing season begins. The next couple of months always offer some incredible fishing opportunities.