Summit Treestand Replacement Shrink Tube for Cable - 2 Pk. zoom in


Summit Treestand Replacement Shrink Tube for Cable - 2 Pk.

Use the Summit® Tree Stand Replacement Shrink Tube for Cables to replace the worn-out shrink tubing on your climbing tree stands.
  • Easy to apply - just cut away the old coating, slip the cable into the new tube and heat to shrink it down
  • Two full-length, 67" shrink tubing pieces
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For over 30 years Summit Treestands® has been making premium tree stands and hunting accessories.

Summit tree stands are carefully engineered to be silent, secure, concealed, and comfortable. From versatile climbing tree stands to adaptable tripod deer stands, all of their stands are built to last. That's why you'll get a five-year manufacturer's warranty with any Summit treestand you purchase. All Summit stands are designed and engineered to meet or exceed standards set by the TMA - Treestands Manufacturers Association.

Best of all, the folks at Summit are hunters, too, so you're getting a product they use, their friends use, and their families use too!
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