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Tink's Smokin' Sticks - 6 Pk.

Tink’s® Smokin’ Sticks are the ticket for long-range attraction. To use, simply light, and allow the smoke to travel downwind for long-range attraction. The scent-infused smoke adheres to everything it comes in contact with, leaving a scent trail right to your stand.

  • Sticks last approximately two hours
  • 6 sticks per pack
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Established in 1972, Tink’s® has been producing a line of deer scents and lures. Trusted by generations of hunters for nearly 50 years, Tink’s® lures meet the needs of every phase of the hunt along with a broad variety of dispenser options.
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W6105 - All Season

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W6106 - Rut

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W6102 - Bear

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