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Hunter's Specialties Scent Wick - 8 Pk.

Each package contains absorbent felt scent dispensers that can be used with any Hunter Specialties® liquid scent.

The porous material of the ScentWick™ will absorb the liquid and allow wind currents to pass through, carrying the scent to the buck's nose.
  • Hang from a tree branch above a mock scrape
  • Reusable
  • Store in odor barrier bag  
  • Eight pack
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Hunter's Specialties is the world's largest manufacturer of hunting accessories and has been producing quality products since 1977. Hunter's Specialties manufactures more than 900 products. Owners David and Carman Forbes, who live by the company motto "For Sportsmen, By Sportsmen," started H.S. with just one product - No-Mar Camo Gun & Bow Tape.

Hunter's Specialties entered the rapidly growing wild turkey call business in 1985. In 1988 H.S. created a superior diaphragm frame assembly named Premium Flex. Mouth calls built with this patented type of frame were much more comfortable to use and retained their shape and perfect calling pitch. Today the H.S. turkey call line is well known as H.S. Strut® and Hunter's Specialties is the world's largest manufacturer of wild turkey calls.

Hunter's Specialties acquired Wayne Carlton Calls in 1998 and Johnny Stewart Wildlife Calls in 1999, allowing the company to reach new markets with established lines of high quality products. The companies rounded out Hunter's Specialties other products, which include waterfowl, archery, calls and other accessories.

As Hunter's Specialties continues to grow it seeks to meet the needs of hunters with innovative, high-quality and affordable products.
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