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Code Blue Whitetail Buck Urine Deer Attractant

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Code Blue® gets it straight from the source - a single whitetail buck - for true-to-life effectiveness.

The nose of a big buck isn't easily fooled, but when a hunting scent is convincing enough, a buck will investigate that scent so you can get him within your sights. A blend of urines just isn't going to do that as effectively. In fact, it may send him running the other way. Hunters need a reliable deer lure that will make a dominant buck believe there's another whitetail buck checking out his territory.

While other deer attractants may use a blend of urines, you'll find Code Blue® deer scents are way more convincing to a buck. Every bottle is certified as the genuine article by an independent organization and marked with the deer's registration number.
  • Special cap to lock-in freshness
  • Whitetail buck urine is from a single buck
  • Powerful scent
  • Size: 1 fl. oz.
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Code Blue® set new quality standards for the scent industry as the world's first and only company with a patented certified collection process that guarantees One Deer to One Bottle. While other hunting scents may use a blend of urines from many animals or of oils or gland secretions, Code Blue is never a blend of anything. It's that simple. Each bottle contains secretion from one individual deer.

The One Deer to One Bottle process means that every bottle of deer scent, doe estrus, and doe urine will be more convincing to a wary, dominant whitetail buck. The concept is so simple. And logical. Filling a bottle with the urine from a single deer, capping it and writing that deer's identification on the bottle is more work - and more-exacting work. But the results speak for themselves. Buck after buck have fallen victim to Code Blue's products.

That's the common sense behind Code Blue's single-source urine products. One deer, one bottle. It doesn't get any more natural than that.
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$12.99 $9.74