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Atsko U-V-Killer

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It has been proven that animals and birds have sensitivity to ultraviolet light and the 438nm short-blue wavelengths that humans are blind to. U-V-Killer absorbs U-V wavelengths and thereby eliminates the blue glow caused by fabric dyes and detergents that contain U-V brighteners.

It should be noted that a single washing in commercial detergents or fabric softeners will (while not removing the treatment) render the U-V-Killer useless by depositing new brightener dyes. Always wash treated clothes in Atsko® Sport-Wash.
  • Liquid spray
  • Eliminates ultraviolet glow seen by birds, fish, and animals
  • Helps your camouflage truly hide you from game
  • Works during low light (black and white) and full light (color) vision
  • For all fabric - camouflage and blaze orange
  • One bottle will treat two sets of hunting clothes
  • Size: 18 fl. oz.
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$14.99 $11.24