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Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer Liquid Clothing Wash

The first step in scent elimination is odor-free clothes, and this liquid clothing wash is a really good unscented formula for hunters who prefer a liquid instead of a powder.
  • Special high efficiency formula that is compatible with both standard and (he) washing machines
  • Super Charged® formula cleans as it washes way odors
  • Does not add any cleaning odor
  • Contains no UV-brighteners
  • Size: 18 fl. oz.
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Wildlife Research Center® - America's Top Brand® has a reputation for having the best hunting scent products and human scent elimination formulas - like Scent Killer® Spray.

Their mission is to produce products that work better and conduct business with their customers in better ways - such as offering their 100% Money-Back Guarantee! The people at Wildlife® are on a mission to have a great time doing their flat-out best job for you!

They have a deep respect for hunters, wildlife, and the sport of hunting. WRC is the brand that hunters count on®. They are not one of those companies that try to be a jack-of-all-trades but master of none. Wildlife does one thing and they do it well!

Fire Up Your Hunt by using genuine Wildlife products!
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