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Dead Down Wind Evolve Unscented Field Spray - 12 oz.

Dead Down Wind® Evolve Field Spray features advanced enzyme technology to help eliminate a broad spectrum of odors that can attach to your skin, clothing and hunting gear. It attracts and attacks bad bacteria at the molecular level while leaving the good bacteria your skin needs.

Dead Down Wind Field Spray is made with enzymes that are natural and healthy. It's never made with biocides, so you can use confidently knowing that your skin is safe. Use the field spray on any and all of your hunting gear and terminate a wider range of odor-causing bacteria.

  • New formula contains 50% more odor-fighting enzymes and comes in a convenient, easy to use 12 oz. spray bottle
  • Enzyme formulations include ingredients that are safe to use on skin
  • This eco friendly formula contains no biocides and is gentle on humans and the environment
  • Simply spray on your jacket, gloves, hat, bibs, hunting clothes and other hunting accessories to stay camouflaged all day long
  • Enter the woods undetected with this long lasting field spray in a convenient sport bottle
  • Proudly made in the United States
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Dead Down Wind's™ focus has always been to produce the safest, most effective products possible by using science as their foundation. They are driven to develop products capable of eliminating the toughest and widest range of odors. From the beginning, Dead Down Wind™ has used real science and developed specific products to control the odors that matter.
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