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Primos Fightin' Horns Rattle Antlers

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Always hunt into the wind while rattling.

With their keen sense of smell, even a buck in pursuit of a doe in heat won't be foolish enough to be rattled up after he smells you.

Move to the edge of a core area very quietly and "set-up" next to some brush or a large tree to break up your outline. Wait 10 - 15 minutes to let things settle down before beginning.

Grunt before, during, and after you rattle and watch them come running.
  • High-tech polymer gives these horns the same consistency and structure as real antlers
  • 14 contact points reproduce buck-fighting sounds from light sparring to extra loud fights
  • Extended handle design gives hunters room to rattle without injury to hands
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Primos® began with the gleam in the eye of a young boy in the 1950's who was fascinated with calling in ducks. Since then, Primos Hunting Calls has grown into a major force in the hunting industry.
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$29.99 $22.49