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Primos Deer Calling Pak

The Primos® Deer Calling Pak is the perfect all-in-one teaching tool for deer hunting.

It includes the Hardwood® Grunter Deer Call, The Original Can® Deer Call, and a Mastering The Art® Guide to Calling Deer DVD.

Hardwood Grunter:
  • 6-in-1 call
  • Adjustable reed assembly allows for grunts and bleats
  • Made from select hardwood for extra loud volume and deep, throaty grunts
  • Expandable hose for variable tones
The Original Can:
  • Reproduces doe's estrus bleat
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for Whitetail, Blacktail and Mule Deer
  • Suggested use: All phases of the rut
Mastering The Art Guide To Calling Deer DVD:
  • Four hunts
  • Four lessons - How to Master the fawn bawl, grunt, The Can®, and Rattling techniques
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Primos® began with the gleam in the eye of a young boy in the 1950's who was fascinated with calling in ducks. Since then, Primos Hunting Calls has grown into a major force in the hunting industry.
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