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Lockdown Hygrometer

Managing humidity is critical to protecting and preserving the condition of your firearms. The Lockdown® Hygrometer provides accurate relative humidity readings at a glance.

Excessive moisture in a vault or storage area can cause rapid corrosion and pitting on metal surfaces. It is important to
monitor and control the relative humidity in your storage area to be sure your guns are properly protected.
  • Accurate humidity readings
  • Mounts easily with included fastener and / or hook and loop
  • Large easy to read numbers
  • Diameter: 2.75"
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Lockdown® is one of the most comprehensive line of vault accessories available today. A wide variety of items designed to enhance organization, control climate, and generally improve the usability of your vault have all come together under this exciting new brand.

The vision behind Lockdown is to significantly enhance the organization and accessibility of items inside any vault and to ensure their condition is preserved. A commitment to high quality, innovative products sets Lockdown apart from the competition.

Lockdown - Your gun vault, only smarter.
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