Bianchi Model 100 Professional IWB Holster - Left Hand zoom in


Bianchi Model 100 Professional IWB Holster - Left Hand

This inside the waistband holster meets the requirements for deep concealment applications.

Constructed of premium full grain cowhide, this design features a high back that provides a shield between the body and the sharp edges of the pistol for comfort and to protect clothing. It is designed to ride at the optimum angle inside the waistband to allow for a proper firing grip. The heavy duty spring steel belt clip provides easy on/off convenience, and securely anchors the holster to the belt.
  • Non-slip suede lined exterior next to body
  • Left hand
  • Strong side carry
  • Rides at optimum angle inside waistband to ensure proper firing grip on the draw
  • High back design to comfortably shield torso against gun's rough edges
  • Heavy duty spring-steel clip secures holster to waistband
  • Fits up to 1.75" (45 mm.) belts
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Bianchi® International is recognized by shooting enthusiasts and professionals as the largest leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, high quality handgun holsters and accessories.

The company was started by John Bianchi in 1958, when he was then a full time police officer in Southern California. Over the years, the company grew to worldwide prominence through its innovative holster designs and John's ingenious, and sometimes unconventional, marketing strategies.

Although Bianchi retired several years ago from the company he founded, his mark is left on a wide range of increasingly diversified and unique Bianchi holsters and accessories, available worldwide. Now as then, the Bianchi vision and commitment to innovative product design, and handcrafting with the utmost care from the finest materials, continues to set new standards in the industry.
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