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Rugged Gear Suction Cup Mount Double Hook Vehicle Gun / Equipment Holder Set

The  Rugged Gear® Suction Cup Gun / Equipment Holder is a great temporary holding solution that's ideal for seasonal use. These super strong suction cups are rated to hold over 100 pounds.

For continued holding strength, it is recommended that suction cups be removed every two weeks and allowed to rest for 24 - 48 hours.
  • Package of two
  • Easy on and off, temporary holding solution
  • Easy to re-position for different types of sporting equipment
  • Mount on interior side or rear windows.
  • Holds in all terrain and in all weather
  • Rated to hold over 100 pounds
  • Not for use with rear window defrosters
  • Suggested use: Cased or uncased gun, scoped rifle, archery equipment, tools
  • Made in USA
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Rugged Gear® originally was born through the inspiration of a South Dakota hunter, whose prized guns were rubbing and wearing in inferior-fitting gun holders. He invented the now-popular Rugged Gear adjustable hook system for a more secure gun holder to completely prevent the movement that causes stock and blueing wear.

As the market for the holders expanded, Rugged Gear discovered that hunters and shooters were adapting golf cars for their specific needs, and were looking for more shooter-friendly accessories for these buggies: lift kits, utility boxes, turf tires and wheels, and more.

This demand led Rugged Gear designers to add a customized Shooter’s Car to our shooting and hunting equipment, but we soon found ourselves adapting golf car-style vehicles to “do more than just carry golf club.”

As we expanded the company’s new direction, we suddenly found the response leading to our qualification as an E-Z-GO dealer for northwest Iowa, southwest Minnesota and southeast South Dakota. 
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