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Leupold RM Rimfire Ringmount Set

Use these rings as a high-quality alternative to ring mounts sold by firearms manufacturers and as a no-tap mounting method for most .22 rimfire rifles with a 11mm, 13mm, or 3/8" dovetail rail. Because these rings are machined from solid steel, they offer superior integrity and tighter tolerances.

50mm objectives will almost always use high rings in a given style. In certain instances, such as with extremely heavy barrels or some makes of firearm, super high rings may be necessary.

42-45mm objectives will almost always use medium rings in a given style. In certain instances, 45mm scopes may require high rings.

40mm objectives will almost always have enough clearance with low rings in a given style, though medium rings will give slightly more clearance, particularly when using a barrel with a thicker shank portion or a heavier contour.

28-36mm objectives will almost always use low rings in a given style. Again, in certain instances of a heavy barrel or heavy shank portion of a custom barrel, medium rings may have to be used, but low rings will almost always suffice.
  • Forged and machined steel construction
  • Versatile
  • Color: Gloss Black
  • Made in USA
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Leupold & Stevens, Inc.®, is an American, family-owned, fifth-generation company that has been designing, machining, and assembling precision optical instruments and more for over 100 years.

In 1907, a young German immigrant named Fred Leupold set up a one man shop in Portland, Oregon, repairing optics for surveying equipment. Leupold & Stevens is still family owned, but their focus has turned from away from surveying and towards helping individuals survey their own environment - with innovative, high-performance sports optics and accessories.

Today, Leupold optics are renowned for their unchallenged ruggedness, absolute waterproof integrity, and their amazing optical quality. A century of observation and optical experience has gone into every binocular and scope Leupold produces, and they're sure the results are well worth the extra effort.

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49947 - Medium - 13mm

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54234 - High - 11mm

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54286 - High - 3/8"

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