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Work Sharp Combo Knife Sharpener

The Combo Knife Sharpener was created for those who want a fast, easy-to-use machine that sharpens every type of knife they own. It combines Work Sharp's® power sharpening technology (flexible abrasive belts) with their manual sharpening technology (angle-guided ceramic honing). This combination of technologies and features creates a fast, easy, and very effective sharpening system for every knife owner.

  • Bench top style knife sharpener
  • Uses precise 25° angle guides for both sharpening and honing
  • Two-way toggle; on / off
  • Two P120 Grit 3M™ abrasive belts included - one pre-installed on machine
  • User guide 
  • Manufacturer's one-year warranty
  • Motor: 120VAC / 0.14 amp, fixed speed
  • Duty cycle: Continuous
  • Belt speed: 1000 SFM
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Work Sharp® is part of the family business from Darex in Ashland, Oregon. For 40-plus years, sharpening systems for industrial and private clients have been manufactured there.

Throughout the years Work Sharp has become a world leader and is indispensable to knife addicts.
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