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Lansky 4-Rod Ceramic Turn Box Knife Sharpener

The Turn Box is a very stable and compact knife sharpening system. It works well in the kitchen and quickly breaks down for storage in a drawer. It's also great for outdoorsmen on-the-go because it's lightweight and stores easily in a backpack.   

There are two pre-set knife sharpening angles in the wood block 20 degrees and 25 degrees. The 20 degree angle is great for filet knives or knives to cut tomatoes. The 25 degree angle is used for most kitchen knives and provides a sharp, durable edge.
  • Hardwood turn box with internal rod storage in base
  • Four 5" long alumina ceramic rods - two medium 600 grit grey rods, two fine 1000 grit white rods
  • Two pre-set knife sharpening angles - 20º and 25º
  • Right- or left-handed use
  • Designed to sharpen filet knives, kitchen knives, and regular knives
  • Dimensions: 6" x 3" x 1"
  • Suggested use: Kitchen, outdoors, shop

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Since 1979, Lansky Sharpeners® has been recognized as one of the world leaders in sharpening technology.

Each Lansky Sharpener product is carefully designed to meet unparalleled performance, reliability, and safety standards. All Lansky Sharpeners products are engineered to be completely ambidextrous and manufactured with superior quality materials by craftsmen who are committed to providing you with a product you can count on.

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