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Easton Compound Bow Slicker Bow Sling

The Easton® Bow Slicker Bow Sling is quick and quiet ultralight bow sling that provides a safer way to carry your bow. With a patented limb-loop design, weight is distributed around the perimeter of the bow, keeping friction away from the cables and strings. Includes an integrated string guard to prevent abrasion of the bow strings and cables from backpacks and other items while in use. The Bow Slicker TM fits all parallel limb compound bows from 24”-36” axle-to-axle.

  • Patented limb loop design for easy installation
  • Padded neoprene cam pocket protection
  • Quiet fleece string cover for string and cable protection
  • Easy-to-adjust woven shoulder carry strap
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Since 1922, Easton® has been one of the leaders in the development and innovation of precision built arrows and archery equipment. Easton is dedicated to engineering the very best in accurate dependable equipment and accessories for the serious user. Their proprietary manufacturing of precision aluminum and advanced carbon fiber arrow technology deliver the very best - for when it really counts.

Easton - Expect the best.
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